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All music written, played and recorded live here at the global nest exotic bird sanctuary. Inspired by the beautiful feathered angels that live here.
Michael Cox (c) 2022
Rodney Bird Media (c) 2022
Actually Over Yonder
All I really wanted was you
Here She Comes Again
Living in a Carnival
Just In Time
A Breath Away
I Tried to Ski
The Road House
Journey's End
Queen Of The Study Hall
The wing
Hollywood Blvdl
A Rose in Austin.
Always be a friend of mine
Over The Rainbow
Standing in the pouring rain
Probably Me

Written by Sting

Wrecky Raccoon-Written for my wife -)
The Dancing Macaw
Over It
Renegade Rabbit
Looking Outside
Gliding over trees
Gimmy The Cash
Feeling good to be bird
If Today was tomorrow