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About Michael and Dianne Cox

Michael Cox is a multi talented man with a heart of gold for all animals, particularly birds.

Michael is a Vietnam Vet, having served as an Army Special forces soldier. He has always had a fighting spirit for doing the right thing. Michael has had many careers, however, he gave up the “business world” to dedicate his life to taking care of birds in need. He has worked with birds for over 50 years.

To those familiar with his work, he is known as “The Bird Whisperer.” Michael has performed “miracles” with the birds who came to him with broken spirits by turning these birds around and developing loving and trusting relationships with them.

Dianne Cox, Michael’s wife is an integral part of our sanctuary. She has the heart that all birds revel in when she is around them.

Intuitive, patient and simply magical. To witness her interactions with the birds is simply phenominal.

She posses a quiet yet powerful presence of hope, love and security.

We are honored to have her in our lives.

Interview with Michael Cox, The Bird Whisperer