Welcome to The Global Nest Exotic Bird Sanctuary
We dedicate ourselves to understanding the special needs and providing unconditional love for each one of these parrots in the safe forever home here at our sanctuary. We hope that you will spend some time checking out our website and getting to know our resident birds. Please note that we do NOT sell, breed or adopt out our birds, however, your support is needed. We hope that you will see a bird or two that you would like to help support.
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, federal charity, so any donations that you make to our birds is 100% tax deductible. All of our time is donated, so 100% of your gift goes to the birds. You may choose to sponsor a specific bird or just donate to the sanctuary. Please feel free to contact us for a receipt for your donations.
Meeisha ‘Ishie’ B.

I've known Mr Mike for over 10 years! He is such a kind, amazing, & informative person! I love his persistent love & care he shows for birds, other animals the environment, and people in general! I wish the world had more people as awesome as him!

Maria Piazzola P.

The Love and Caring that is given to these Beautiful creatures is by far unprecedented. The years of devotion and patience given to them shows in their eyes. It's a wonder to behold, it touches your inner soul.

Dianna Snuttles Hut L.

Michael and Dianne are such wonderful and caring people. Always there to lend a helping hand to others, while giving their own animals the best!

Jackie Johns D.

I’ve known Michael for 30 years and visited his bird sanctuary when he was in California. He passionately loves his birds ... he is constantly talking to them, they get personal attention and playtime out of their cages. New birds are treated with loving care. The local animal agencies called him to place rescued birds. Personally, he is kind hearted, very positive with a great outlook about life, and concerned about our global planet.

Michael Cox Pet Expo Minneapolis MN. Feb 23 2014